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Climate Friendly adopts Co-CEO structure to accelerate path to net zero

Climate Friendly, Australian carbon farming project developer, has announced that Josh Harris, previously Chief Operating Officer, joins Skye Glenday as Co-CEO.
The appointment recognises the equal importance of both supply and demand side dynamics of the carbon market. As Co-CEO Josh will focus upon the demand side of the carbon credits business. He will be overseeing the carbon trading desk and the operational side of the company.
Josh joined Climate Friendly in 2013 to establish the carbon farming business unit, which has grown to be the central pillar of the Climate Friendly Group. Recently returned from nine months parental leave, Josh’s energy and vision for the business is stronger than ever.
“We have all the tools we need to drive the transition to net zero,” he says. “The path to a zero emissions future is in our hands and there has never been a better time to work in the climate sector.”
Josh will work closely with the increasing numbers of businesses committing to net zero. He will work with carbon purchasers developing strategies to manage climate risk and provide high quality carbon credits from Climate Friendly’s carbon farming portfolio.
Skye Glenday will focus upon the supply side of the business which aims to generate 100MT of carbon abatement by 2025. Skye will lead the supply-side team to deliver this goal through three main approaches: continuing to partner with farmers, foresters and traditional custodians to develop new carbon farming projects; working with government, industry and the research sector to develop new carbon farming methods; pioneering new technologies that reduce transaction costs and monitor carbon storage with increasing precision.
“It’s great to have Josh back on deck co-piloting Climate Friendly. We have always managed the business as a partnership, and having Co-CEOs enables us to accelerate our work to achieve net zero and tackle the challenges posed by climate change.”

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