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Climate Friendly launches first Reconciliation Action Plan

Tree Spirits, 2011, Natalie Bateman

Climate Friendly was established to tackle the climate challenge we are all facing, and we do this by focusing on regenerating land across Australia. It is natural that this focus on land has led us to forge connections with Australia’s Traditional Owners and first custodians of the lands we are working to regenerate, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders Peoples. Building on our shared values and interest in carbon farming, we have made an important start on our reconciliation journey, partnering with more than eight Traditional Owner groups and developing eighteen carbon farming project agreements in Queensland over the past four years. This led us to develop our first Reconciliation Action Plan to reflect our commitment to meaningful reconciliation. We hope this journey will enable us to deepen our engagement with existing and new Traditional Owner partners, expanding the scope of possible collaborations. This will lead to both more enduring partnerships, and improved community and environmental outcomes for everyone involved. Our team are excited by the prospects and looking forward to sharing the reconciliation journey ahead for us with our partners and the broader carbon farming community.

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