Developing and supporting carbon farming projects requires a highly specialised skill set.

Founded in 2003 by a CSIRO scientist, our expert team includes ecologists, foresters, natural resource managers, marine biologists, mapping and system specialists, economists, legal advisers and people with long experience working in the public sector or living and working on the land.

Founding Director
Chief Executive Officer
Executive Manager - Strategy & Analytics
Executive Manager - Operations & Finance
Head of Technical Systems, Knowledge & IT
Head of Business Development
Head of Carbon Projects
Head of Legal & Governance
Senior Technical Application Specialist
Department Head Carbon Project Sourcing
Environmental Application Specialist
Business Development Specialist
Section Head Native Vegetation Projects
Section Head - Reporting
Chief financial officer
Section Head Finance
Carbon Project & Communications Manager
Carbon Project & Communications Manager
Carbon Project Manager
Carbon Project Manager
Carbon Project Analyst
Technical Analyst
Section Head Audits
Audit Manager
Governance & Data Coordinator
Reporting Coordinator
Technical Coordinator
GIS Technician
GIS Technician
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