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Research & Innovation

Ongoing research and innovation is allowing us to develop timely solutions that help to tackle the climate challenge at scale. Through research partnerships, we are improving our understanding of climate risk and developing new technologies or more targeted land management practices that can deliver on our vision for a productive, sustainable land sector that contributes to zero net emissions. Our research and innovation program helps to inform government policy so that it is aligned with on-ground-reality. This will help to increase the opportunities for farmers, businesses and traditional custodians to get involved in carbon farming.

The research and innovation partners we work with tell us they value:

Research and innovation partnerships

Working with Climate Friendly

Climate Friendly is in the business of reducing emissions, and all of our activities are focused on achieving large scale impacts while delivering economic, social and environmental benefits.

Founded in 2003 by a CSIRO scientist, our expert team includes ecologists, foresters, natural resource managers, marine biologists, mapping and system specialists, economists, legal advisers and people with long experience working in the public sector or living and working on the land.

Our experienced leadership team are always abreast of current practices, trends and information affecting the land sector, and are experts in connecting the dots between movements in the marketplace, shifts in the regulatory landscape, and impacts at ground level.

We have a dedicated business development team who works closely and continuously with our research partners to strengthen existing carbon farming methods, and to develop and pilot new types of carbon farming activities.

Our investment in research and innovation will make a contribute to science and knowledge, while providing practical opportunities for farmers, businesses and traditional custodians to innovate and get involved in tackling the climate challenge.

Your partner in carbon farming

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