Land Restoration Fund Pilot Project

Climate Friendly has partnered with Bush Heritage Australia and the CSIRO to pilot an active landscape management approach to carbon farming in south west Queensland. The partnership has secured $750,000 in funding from the QLD Government’s Land Restoration Fund for the pilot project.

The pilot project will target the Brigalow Belt, Mulga Lands and Mitchell Grass Downs ecosystems of Southwest Queensland. It aims to investigate how a range of active land management techniques such as rotational grazing and ecological thinning of vegetation can contribute to carbon sequestration, and unlock measurable environmental, social and economic benefits for landholders and rural communities.

Climate Friendly’s Executive Manager – Strategy & Analytics, Skye Glenday, is pleased to be part of such a formidable partnership.

“Bush Heritage Australia has an amazing amount of experience in ecosystem restoration, and the CSIRO’s scientific rigour is unparalleled,” she said. “Climate Friendly has a strong track record in carbon farming project development in Southwest Queensland. We look forward to piloting this new carbon farming method, together.”

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