Marcio DaSilva

Remote Sensing Specialist

Marcio was born in Austin, Texas where he spent most of his younger years. After university he moved from Texas, and spent a few years travelling and working on research projects in Brazil, the western states of the USA, Mexico and central America. Marcio has called Adelaide home for 7 years, although he may move soon!  Marcio has worked in field and analytical GIS roles across infrastructure and science projects. In the past few years, Marcio has worked at Flinders University while completing a PhD. Marcio's research interests include remote sensing of disturbances in coastal dune systems and plantation forests. 

Bachelor of Science, Geography (2013), Masters of GIS (2018), and PhD in Applied Remote Sensing (Finishing 2023)
I can be found walking, running, food safaris, reading, carpentry, and gardening. Cycle touring (hopefully again someday).
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