Your partner in carbon farming

Your partner in carbon farming

Partnering with Climate Friendly as a carbon farming project proponent or joining forces with us on research, innovation and carbon trading means tapping into the expertise of our experienced team. Together, we support the widest range of carbon farming project types of any carbon farming business, giving us unique insights into every aspect of carbon farming.

Our experienced leadership team are always abreast of current practices, trends and information affecting the land sector, and are experts in connecting the dots between movements in the marketplace, shifts in the regulatory landscape, and impacts at ground level.

Our staff are required to be customer and solution focused; business-like; innovative; broad-minded; and collaborative. As your partner, we take ethics seriously – we keep our promises and we are accountable for our decisions and honest in our dealings.

As a foundation signatory of the Australian Carbon Industry Code of Conduct and as a Australian Financial Services licensee, we have committed to developing and conducting our business in line with industry best practice, and interacting with our carbon farmers and partners in a professional and ethical manner.


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In Climate Friendly, you’ve got a trusted business partner who you can call on at any time. Our team of experts will help you navigate the process of becoming a carbon farmer and make sure you receive an income stream in return for your contribution to tackling the climate challenge. Climate Friendly is on hand to cut through the jargon for you so can get clear on the rules and reap the future benefits of your project. As your business partner, we share upfront costs and only get paid when you get paid. We cover everything from project mapping and field measurement to audit costs so that you can get on with doing what you do best – looking after your land, your family and your community.

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Your partner in carbon farming

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