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Read our full submission to the independent review of ACCUs

Read our full submission to the independent review of ACCUs

Climate Friendly is attending the annual Carbon Market Summit in Sydney this week to convey its support and give insights for achieving a high integrity carbon crediting framework and transparency in the sector.

At the Summit, Co-CEOs Skye Glenday and Josh Harris, will be sharing some of the findings from the scientific data the organisation and its carbon farming partners have collected over 10+ years implementing carbon farming, which was also included in its submission to the Chubb Review.

Josh says Climate Friendly’s data, which is independently verified by third party audits, shows for example, that changes to land management practices within Human-Induced Regeneration projects positively impact tree growth.

“Our most recent analysis illustrates that growth is inhibited by overgrazing and clearing, often in combination. Regeneration only occurs when sustainable land management practices are implemented alongside rainfall. In summary, rain on its own is not enough to make trees grow,” he says.

Other data provided in the submission shows that changing grazing management and ceasing clearing are both valid ways to store carbon; and that our projects are conservatively credited, and may well be under-credited, as verified by recent CSIRO field measurements.

Co-CEO Skye Glenday says our data and analytics show that the carbon farming projects we support are achieving tangible results drawing down carbon from the atmosphere and contributing to Australia’s net zero goals. We want others to be able to access this data more readily to inform policy, emerging science and accelerate adoption of sustainable land management practices.

“We have called for the establishment of a national integrated land database to enable sharing of carbon, environmental and agricultural production data, while protecting privacy of individual farmers. This database will enhance transparency of information, which is an important feature of a high-integrity carbon market. We call on other carbon service providers to also release their accumulated data and contribute to this national framework.” she says.

Read Climate Friendly’s submission to the Chubb Review here:

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