Carbon Farming Supports habitats and land managers

Koala Projects

Invitation to Field Day to learn how to build koala friendly carbon plantings in NSW

Saratini Farm, Clunes, Friday 14 October.

Come and meet the koala friendly carbon team at a special Field day for land managers at Saratini Farm, Clunes, on Friday 14 October.

Learn how you can potentially restore koala habitat on your property and earn additional future income through carbon credits. On the day, you’ll get to know more about the program and how it works, including wider benefits for your land and increased biodiversity, improved farm productivity and resilient agricultural outcomes through sustainable land management.

The joint initiative between Climate Friendly, World Wide Fund for Nature-Australia (WWF-Australia) and the NSW Government provides wide benefits for eligible properties:

  • Providing habitat for the endangered koala, with koala monitoring. 
  • Expert carbon farming services from Climate Friendly including how to maximise carbon revenue, biodiversity and positive diverse agricultural outcomes on your land through best practice sustainable land management, guidance and governance for generating carbon credits. 
  • Professional advice from WWF-Australia to select the best mix of native tree species for your property with ongoing biodiversity monitoring. 
  • Complete funding for plantings including site preparation, tubestock, planting and ongoing management for the initial three years.  
  • Potential eligibility for lower interest rates at select financial institutions offering ‘green loans’ to land managers that implement sustainable land management practices.


For more information and to register for the event, please go to

or call 1800 233 276

A partnership to create koala habitat

Climate Friendly has partnered with WWF-Australia in a new environmental plantings initiative to support landholders to establish koala friendly carbon farming projects.

Koala friendly carbon farming can help to restore thousands of hectares of koala habitat, increasing biodiversity and helping to reverse the decline of koalas and other threatened species.

Koala friendly carbon farming supports habitats and land managers

A combination of carbon farming and conservation provides an innovative way to support land managers to create habitat for koalas and other native species on part or all of their property.

Environmental plantings involve the planting of mixed-species trees in an area typically 30ha-200ha, creating a vital and rich habitat for threatened species. An environmental planting project can deliver co-benefits of increased biodiversity, agricultural production and diversified revenue for the land manager.

WWF-Australia will provide the plantings and assurance of biodiversity benefits

Koala friendly carbon projects will help land managers to get up and running by providing and planting the seedlings for you.

The land manager will not have to pay to establish the plantings which will be funded by the NSW Government for an initial pilot. The land manager will receive ongoing financial benefit generated from the sale of the Australian Carbon Credit Units.

WWF-Australia will also provide biodiversity monitoring services to verify the benefit to koalas and other native wildlife, using science-led, experienced practitioners to ensure high quality restoration of habitat appropriate to the local landscape.

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