Carbon Farming

Integration the way ahead to build participation in the emerging carbon economy.

At the Digital Agrifood Summit 2022 hosted by FoodAgility CRC, Climate Friendly Co-CEO Skye Glenday delivered a keynote address to hundreds of food and fibre producers, technologists and policy makers.

Skye framed her speech in terms of meeting three global challenges which apply equally in the Australian context:

  • increase agricultural productivity and production of sufficient, nutritious food for our growing global population;
  • draw down carbon from the atmosphere to help tackle the climate challenge;
  • and expand biodiverse habitat through landscape and property level planning.


“Integration” emerged as the key theme to help Australia address these three key challenges. The opportunity is also there for Australia to show the world the techniques and technology that can position us as a leader on smart and sustainable food and fibre production.

The three core integrations predicted are:

  • the Integrated Farm Management Method under development between industry, researchers, agricultural producers and government for approval in 2023;
  • Development of an integrated national database to deliver improved evidence-based decision making and set the industry on a level of transparency that supports the overall credibility for land-sector based Australian Carbon Credit Units;
  • Integration and alignment between all players in order to deliver policy that provides certainty and consistency to researchers, producers and carbon project services providers.


You can download the full keynote speech here. The Carbon Market Institute has also produced a post-election briefing that sets out a broader plan of action for climate action and carbon markets.

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