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Certified Carbon Neutral

Proudly certified against the Climate Active Carbon Neutral Standard.

We have always been committed to a zero carbon footprint, removing as much carbon from the atmosphere as we put into it.

Our purpose is to reduce Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions by 100 million tonnes by 2050.We will achieve this by working with rural, regional and remote Australians, helping them adopt sustainable activities to develop carbon farming projects. Our own business activities are also consistent with our purpose. We choose ways to reduce our emissions as much as possible, like choosing clean energy or minimising travel whenever we can. We then invest in projects that further reduce or remove emissions to reach net zero carbon operations.

The Climate Active Carbon Neutral Standard is a unique government-backed program that enables businesses, government and the community to reduce carbon emissions. This Standard provides our stakeholders and the public with an evidence-based and audited means to show that we are a net zero carbon organisation.

We have reduced our emissions and offset those that are unavoidable. Offsetting means we invest in projects that reduce or remove emissions. In our case we are able to offset against a project that directly benefits the Kullilli Paroo Aborignal Corporation who are one of our project partners. By purchasing Australian Carbon Credit Units from them we are benefiting not only inthe climate but the people of the Kullilli community.

Climate Friendly is proud to be certified against the Climate Active Carbon Neutral Standard.

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Our offsets are sourced from Traditional Custodian partnerships

Our offsets were sourced from the Kullilli Bulloo River Aboriginal Corporation who are the Traditional Custodian partners on the project.We have agreements with the Kullilli People on several Emission Reduction Fund human-induced regeneration projects that we have developed, including this project.

By choosing the Kullilli People as the offset source Climate Friendly is able to further support a community with whom we have an existing direct relationship.

Partnering on carbon farming projects within their native title area, the Kullilli People are improving relationships with pastoral leaseholders, gaining economic benefits and supporting land regeneration.

Your partner in carbon farming

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