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Achieve your business sustainability,
carbon management & investment goals

As a business manager you understand that managing risk is the key to driving sustainable returns.

A carbon purchase agreement or investment partnership can help you manage exposure to carbon prices, provide access to reliable supply of carbon credits, or help achieve your corporate sustainability goals.

In addition to managing carbon liabilities or making a contribution to tackle climate change, investing in carbon farming projects provides healthy financial returns whiles supporting communities in the regions you operate.

The carbon purchasers and investors we work with tell us they value:

Working with Climate Friendly

In Climate Friendly, you’ve got a trusted business partner who can provide you all the latest carbon market and policy updates so that you can make informed decisions on the best way to meet your business goals. As a profit-for-purpose business, we know how to deliver on dual financial and environmental goals. Established in 2003, we have over 16 years experience trading carbon credits. We are one of Australia’s largest carbon farming project developers, having developed more than 100 projects and delivered more that 10 million carbon credits since the carbon farming methods became operational in 2015. Our project portfolio is nationwide, and we work across the full range of commercially viable land use methods.We can offer you carbon purchase agreements and investment opportunities with projects that deliver a wide range of benefits beyond carbon, including projects that involve traditional custodians and that demonstrate verified improvements in environmental quality. Australian Carbon Industry Code of Conduct, an Australian Financial Services licensee, and a company with an activeReconciliation Action Plan, you can rest assured that our projects and the carbon credits they generate are industry best practice.
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Your partner in carbon farming

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