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Our onsite energy and energy efficiency team is all about implementing energy efficiency solutions to lower your businesses reliance on the grid and create a cost effective approach to energy use.

Sounds simple, but to put this into action you need expertise, time and a plan. At Climate Friendly, we have the expertise and time to carry out an energy efficiency program for your business. We will identify your business requirements and establish savings opportunities in your energy usage. Our energy efficiency assessments are tailored and include an energy billing analysis; review of your energy equipment, systems and monitoring technology as well as looking at possibilities for adding clean energy alternatives, like solar, to your operation.

Energy efficiency action plan

Innovative technology

Technology is a key component of a successful energy efficiency action plan. Whether that's monitoring and measurement, or upgrading your equipment. We have access to the latest cutting edge technology to help you reduce your reliance on the grid and optimise your energy use.

Trusted technology partners

We have worked to create great partnerships with top quality suppliers of energy efficient equipment. Our energy efficiency technology partners include manufactures and suppliers of solar PV panels, LED lighting, HVAC, heat pumps and voltage optimisation systems. They are the highest quality technologies available. Because not all businesses are the same, using a selection of suppliers allows us to tailor your energy efficiency program and deliver the best technology for your needs.

Energy efficiency assessments

Our strategy

We know that implementing an energy efficiency strategy is not easy. Our process is effective at helping you where you need the most support. Whether that's developing the business case, organising the assessment or managing the planning and implementation process.

Our energy efficiency experts can give you the right advice and will also do all the assessments required, including the site, equipment audits and monitoring power usage. We can also match government energy efficiency grants and financing options to your business.

What's your energy efficiency action plan look like.To help you hit your hurdle rates get in touch with a Climate Friendly energy efficiency expert.

Our process

  1. Analyse and identify energy efficiency needs: meet with key staff, identify business needs and financial goals. Assess energy usage, building and equipment optimisation analysis, monitor site ambient conditions.
  2. Design and plan energy efficiency solution: design customised energy efficiency plan for your site, including cost benefit analysis and identifying grants and financing options.
  3. Implement and review energy efficiency project: project management the implementation of technology, verify and work with client to implement marketing plan to capitalise on your investment and help create goodwill for all the positive work done. Verify and monitor and continue working with client for the next stage.

Energy efficiency solutions

Climate Friendly

We are a holistic energy efficiency service provider for commercial, industrial or offices. We are in the business of finding energy savings and ultimately reducing emissions.

Energy experts: our experts are not only experienced in commercial energy and operational industry processes, they understand how to extract and optimise energy output.

Customised assessments: we assess your property and conduct audits when required. We are not selling you a specific technology.

Commercially focused: we can develop the business case for you to get it across the line and hit your hurdle rates. We will help you understand your financing options

Project management and implementation: we manage the project end to end and ensure work is done to a high standard.

Quality partners: we only work with the best quality technology and product partners.

Marketing support: work with our marketing experts to design your new sustainability message. This is a unique opportunity to create business value and deliver the message to your customers and staff.

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