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GoldPower Renewable Energy Label


Achieve maximum social and environmental impact.

One globally consistent standard no matter where in the world you do business

Truly additional reductions in greenhouse gas emissions

Supports proven social and environmental benefits, creating compelling stories to engage staff and customers

GoldPower - the world’s first global renewable energy label

GoldPower renewable energy is for leading businesses who want to demonstrate their commitment to support the transition to a low-carbon economy.

GoldPower was developed by Climate Friendly, with the support of WWF, the world's leading conservation organisation in response to demand for a truly global and truly effective renewable energy label. It was first launched in 2009 and provides a guarantee that your renewable energy is truly transforming the way the world creates electricity while providing social co-benefits to local communities at the same time.

How does GoldPower work?

When you purchase renewable energy under the GoldPower label you can rest assured that it meets the stringent criteria as set out in section D of the GoldPower product standard. The key features of GoldPower are:

All GoldPower is sourced from projects which have been certified under robust international standards. This includes independent verification of MWh generated and tracking on an approved registry for that standard. In addition, all GoldPower sales are made public on the GoldPower register and audited by a 3rd party.

GoldPower is reportable under an increasing number of global reporting schemes and renewable energy purchasing initiatives. These currently include the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, CDP, WWF Climate Savers, WindMade, and RE100. Our experts can advise you on any conditions which affect how and when GoldPower can be reported.

A core feature of GoldPower is its impact or "additionality", i.e. that any purchase of GoldPower is contributing materially to the expansion of renewable energy infrastructure globally and helping to meet the science-based targets required to address climate change.

The GoldPower technical committee conducts due diligence on all GoldPower projects to ensure that the project has obtained local regulatory approvals (including conducting environmental and social impact assessments if required), and does not have any negative material, social or environmental impacts.

GoldPower projects contribute to sustainable development. They deliver significant, verified social and environmental benefits to the local community. These benefits range from better air quality, employment, and education to new infrastructure like electricity and roads.

Why GoldPower?

GoldPower provides an excellent renewable option for those companies wishing to enjoy the benefits of reporting and additionality/impact. While many RECs provide much needed assurance regarding the source and ownership of renewable energy, GoldPower provides the added benefit of guaranteeing additional renewable energy is being added to the global grid.

Where can I find GoldPower?

GoldPower is a global renewable energy label and currently available in China, India, Brazil, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, New Caledonia and many other countries. The list of countries is growing quickly. Please get in touch with us to discuss your renewable energy requirements.

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