Tasmanian Native Forest Protection Project (2)

The Tasmanian Native Forest Protection Project involves the protection of large tracts of privately owned land in the Tasmanian Central Highlands. The land in the project area is degraded native forest which has been logged in the past and – in the absence of carbon revenue - would continue to be either selectively logged or cleared for agriculture in the future.

The carbon project provides an alternative source of income to the landowners, enabling them to set the land aside for conservation purposes only, and manage it in a way that encourages natural regeneration of the forest.

Greenhouse gas emissions are avoided by preventing the release of the carbon stored in the trees that – in the absence of the project - would occur through logging, processing and use of the timber.

In addition to its climate change benefits, the project helps to protect and restore Tasmania’s valuable native forests, which provide a habitat for a number of endangered species including the wedge-tailed eagle, spotted quoll and the iconic Tasmanian devil.

These pioneering projects were the first in Australia to be accredited under the Verified Carbon Standard, and among the first accredited VCS projects in the world in the field of improved forest management and avoided deforestation.


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c.90,000 tonnes of CO2e per year
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