Alize Çamseki Wind Project

 The Alize Çamseki wind farm is in Çanakkale, a province on the North West coast of Turkey, near the Aegean Sea. Its 11 wind turbines generate enough electricity to supply power to 25,000 households.   

The project is known locally as the ‘Thyme Project’.  This name alludes to the wild thyme that grows in the area surrounding the wind farm, which local shepherds feed to their goats.  The wind turbines produce approximately 67,000 MWh of electricity each year. In doing so, the wind farm prevents 42,500 tonnes of greenhouse gases from entering the atmosphere each year.

The region has low standard of living and literacy levels, and limited employment opportunities. The project created several temporary jobs in the construction of the project and created seven permanent full time and six part time positions for the operation and maintenance of the wind power plant.  This Gold Standard project demonstrates the capacity of wind farms to create substantial greenhouse gas reductions, improve energy security and air quality, and enhance local livelihoods. 

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Gold Standard
c.42,500 tCO2e per year
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