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You can choose to calculate and offset the emissions from your vehicle, your electricity, your air travel, or even your public transport journeys or simply purchase a set number of tonnes.

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We help people like you make a real difference.

Most of us do our best to address climate change by switching off lights and appliances, reducing our waste and walking or cycling more. But the global average emissions for an individual remains 5 tonnes a year, rising to 28 tonnes in countries such as the US and Australia. 

Climate Friendly helps you to take immediate and meaningful action against climate change - contributing to an effective, long-term solution. 


Why should I offset my emissions and buy renewable energy?

Every tonne of greenhouse gas that we can avoid putting into the atmosphere gives us a better chance of reducing the impacts of climate change.  Reducing your energy use and polluting activity is fantastic first step but for those you can't avoid, purchasing carbon offsets or renewable energy is a great way to further reduce your impact. 

Why Climate Friendly?

We provide quality carbon offsets and renewable energy certificates for people and businesses around the world and have been doing so since 2003. 

These offsets are from real projects that create genuine, and lasting greenhouse gas emissions reductions.  They do this by replacing power from polluting fossil fuels with clean power from renewable energy sources, by supporting energy efficiency projects or by supporting projects that keep the carbon locked up in its natural form, such as forests.  

When you purchase carbon offsets or renewable energy certificates from Climate Friendly you can be assured that you are creating genuine and lasting change both in Australia and around the world.   

We're here to help

Please take some time to explore the site.  If you are still learning about how carbon offsets help prevent climate change, have a read through our frequently asked questions.

Calculating your emissions or purchasing online can sometimes be confusing so the Climate Friendly team is here to help. 

If you have have any questions about our company or our website or maybe you just need some help with the calculation and offset process please contact us.