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GoldPower is the world's first global renewable energy label that delivers a consistent standard no matter where your operations are located. It not only provides the highest quality renewable energy from Projects around the world but has real, positive impacts on communities and the environment in developing countries. 

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It is essential that we transform the way the world creates electricity. The move to renewable, clean sources of electricity is urgent, but the change is going to take bravery and leadership. GoldPower was created to give your company a simple, globally relevant way of taking part in this transformation. 

"GoldPower is supported by WWF because, unlike most conventional green power options, GoldPower demonstrably stimulates new investments in new renewable energy capacity and is certified to reduce greenhouse gas emissions beyond business as usual. WWF recommends GoldPower to companies that want to drive quality renewable electricity solutions."  

Dr Stephan Singer, Director Global Energy Policy, WWF International

Global change won't happen overnight, so the sooner it's started the sooner we will see results. Be at the forefront of the energy transformation and contact Climate Friendly today

How it Works

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     Your Electricity Usage                                  Matched with Goldpower in MWh                      Supports the global generation of renewable
                                                                                                                                                                          electricity to match your electricity use                                                                                                                                                                        

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GreenPower is Australian Government accredited renewable energy. Climate Friendly is an approved and audited GreenPower provider. This means that when you calculate your carbon emissions with us and purchase GreenPower, you are buying renewable energy certificates from government accredited renewable energy generation facilities to match your electricity consumption.

You can think of it as putting clean, renewable energy back into the grid to replace the fossil fuel energy you have used.

Climate Friendly does not sell renewable energy certificates bundled with your electricity, as your current electricity supplier might. We sell you renewable energy certificates that, when matched with your current electricity use, ensure that the same amount of new, renewable electricity is being fed into the grid.

Buying Climate Friendly's GreenPower separately from your current electricity supply is a Government-endorsed way to support renewable energy in Australia and earn the GreenPower tick of approval.