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A collaborative approach to sustainability

As a pioneer in providing business value through sustainability solutions to organisations around the world, Climate Friendly has been entrusted by many leading companies to help implement their sustainability strategies. 

Our global network of projects, innovative products like FlightPortal and GoldPower combined with rigorous quality assurance and marketing expertise ensure that our customers are able to reduce their environmental footprint while gaining maximum business return.

Please contact us to find out how we can help your organisation gain commercial value by reducing its environmental impact. Or read on to see how other leading organisations are reducing their environmental impact - and reaping the benefits.

  • UEFA
  • Tetra Pak
  • Qantas
  • The Body Shop
  • The Australian National University
  • Airwave

The Body Shop

 As of January 2011 The Body Shop Australia had cut its greenhouse gas emissions by 12% on 2007 levels. It was looking to work with a global best practice offset and renewable energy provider to reduce its carbon footprint to as close to zero as possible and to bring its actions to life in a way that inspired staff and customers to also take action on climate change.    

 To celebrate its carbon management achievements it partnered with Climate Friendly to create the Kick Climate Change – a climate action pledge competition that was rolled out through its retail stores, online, and through The Body Shop At Home networks. 

Tetra Pak

Taking action on climate change with GoldPower 

For Tetra Pak, climate change is a key area of environmental target setting, reflected by a long standing commitment to reduce emissions.

Tetra Pak’s climate goal, set in 2011, is to cap its greenhouse gas emissions right along the value chain at 2010 levels by 2020 despite business growth. If Tetra Pak grows by 5% each year this means they must deliver a 40% relative reduction to reach the target. 

In 2013, Tetra Pak purchased GoldPower renewable energy for 70% of its Taiwan plant electricity consumption from the Changbin and Taichung Wind project also located in Taiwan. Tetra Pak has also purchased GoldPower for its activities in Japan, Australia and New Zealand from the Alize Camseki Wind farm in Turkey.


Offsetting carbon emissions with FlightPortal 

In 2007 UEFA decided to measure and offset the carbon emissions from its flights upon the recommendation of WWF.

UEFA, in corporation with Climate Friendly, has since offset over 58,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions. This step is part of a broader environmental program that has seen activities such as selling eco-tickets to matches that include free public transport and the building of an energy efficient new headquarters in Nyon.


“It’s natural to fly carbon neutral” 

As part of its comprehensive environment strategy, Qantas launched its carbon offset program in 2007. The program gives customers on Qantas Airlines and Jetstar Airlines the choice of flying carbon neutral by offsetting their share of flight emissions.

All contributions by customers have gone towards purchasing carbon offsets generated by accredited abatement projects. By January 2012 the program had offset over 1.1 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions. Climate Friendly has been supplying carbon offsets to Qantas Airways since 2010. Climate Friendly continues to work closely with the Group to identify projects that suit its brands and environmental strategy.

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