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Boost performance. Reduce costs. Control risks.

Your business is unique and so are your challenges. Understanding the impact of rising electricity costs and low productivity caused by inefficient equipment or processes is the first step in future proofing your business. 

Your goals and unique business requirements define our tailor-made solutions. We analyse your needs and provide technology and supplier agnostic advice making sure we design and implement solutions that achieve the best outcome for you. We then work with high quality products and suppliers to guarantee you are satisfied with the result in the long-term.

Boost Performance

Employee productivity is impacted by the quality of the work environment. Good lighting, temperature and air quality can increase your team’s productivity. Our audits will identify opportunities to improve the indoor environment quality by using state-ofthe-art lighting and HVAC equipment.

Reduce costs

Electricity costs are rising. Our solutions enable you to save energy and reduce costs. Voltage Optimisation provides protection against grid power surges and spikes to extend the lifecycle of your equipment. Generating your energy onsite with rooftop solar can protect you from ongoing electricity price rises.

Control risks

Managing and mitigating risk is best done before issues arise. A health check on your energy consumption, maintenance costs and equipment can help you fend off surprises that put your operations or staff at risk. High staff turnover and absentee rates can be an indicator for other problems such as the physical environment in the office or on the factory floor. Upgrading and investing in your facilities will show your employees and clients that you are taking care of your business, and them, in the long-run. Unlike some energy efficiency companies, we also give you the option of carbon offsetting to further mitigate the risk of low staff engagement.


Upgrading and retiring inefficient equipment is often perceived to come at high costs and capital investments. We offer short paybacks and unique finance solutions to make your business the best it can be. We advise you on grants and government funding available in your geographic location and work with the Big 4 banks and the Clean Energy Finance Corporation to get you the best deal available. Working with energy management companies doesn't have to break the bank. With the appropriate finance our solutions can often be cashflow positive from day one.

If you are interested in energy solutions for your business contact us today. 

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