Corporate Services

Sustainability Management Solutions

Climate Friendly makes it quick and easy for organisations to take immediate and meaningful action to reduce their environmental footprint while gaining business value. We do this by supporting projects that effectively keep carbon in the ground. By measuring, offsetting and reducing your company's carbon footprint, your corporate sustainability record will be grounded in real and measurable positive change. Our carbon offsetting solutions are flexible - you can offset whatever amount you feel comfortable with, and if you want customers to offset for themselves, there are options for that as well. We encourage individuals and businesses to offset all of their emissions, but also believe that any effort is valuable.

Furthermore, if you need help messaging your sustainability measures, we can help. Our carbon management solutions include marketing support. Whether it’s getting your message right from a technical perspective, or sourcing pictures from carbon offsetting projects, we can help.

By installing renewable energy and implementing energy efficiency in your business, you will reduce the amount of carbon your business needs to offset. Installations we offer to businesses include solar panel installations, lighting retrofits and voltage optimisation. Solar panels can reduce your dependence on the grid for electricity, and can reduce the risks associated with rising electricity costs. We can help you improve your energy use without the need for energy audit companies. To learn more about our energy solutions, click here.

Climate Friendly is a pioneer in providing innovative sustainability solutions. A world-first innovation Flight Portal is a simple and automated solution for capturing data, reporting and offsetting business flight emissions. 


Climate Friendly also developed GoldPower a global renewable energy product, measured in MWh that you can use to match your electricity consumption in any country in the world. By purchasing GoldPower you will be helping transform the way the world creates electricity. Our projects are located in various countries around the world, and meet strict international standards.