Business Case Studies

Leading organisations take action on climate change

As a pioneer in providing innovative carbon management solutions to businesses around the world, Climate Friendly has been entrusted by many leading companies to help implement their carbon management strategies. 

Our global network of projects and innovative products like FlightPortal and GoldPower help our clients move the world toward a clean energy future.

Our rigorous quality assurance and marketing expertise to ensure our clients gain genuine business benefits from taking action to prevent climate change.  

Please contact us to find out how we can help your company meet its carbon management commitments.  Or read on to see how these leading organisations are taking action to prevent climate change - and reaping the benefits.

  • Billy Kwong
  • Collins Debden
  • Visit Snowy Mountains
  • VictorsFood

Collins Debden

Australia’s first carbon offset diary range

Collins Debden is an innovative company that demonstrates its commitment to the environment in many ways. They partnered together with Climate Friendly to minimise the environmental impacts by offsetting their emissions and take further action to the prevention of pollution.

In this case study, Kim Henretty, Marketing and Development Manager, talks about the company’s approach to the environment and the launch of Kyoto, a carbon offset range of diaries.

Billy Kwong

Australia’s first Climate Friendly restaurant 

As part of an ongoing commitment to the environment, Kylie Kwong partnered with Climate Friendly in July 2006 to make Billy Kwong Australia’s first Climate Friendly restaurant.

Through Climate Friendly, Billy Kwong calculates, and then offsets, business emissions related to the restaurant’s electricity and gas use. To offset these emissions, the restaurant purchases Verified Carbon Standard renewable energy carbon credits mostly from projects in China.


Committed to sustainable practice

Founded in 2007, VictorsFood is Australia’s ultimate food experience company. VictorsFood creates memorable and interactive culinary experiences, while maintaining a commitment to environmental sustainability.

VictorsFood has partnered with Climate Friendly to be the first Australian company to offer carbon offset organic team building experiences. The company engages clients in its sustainability initiatives by providing the option to offset events through the ‘’Great Green Team Building” program.

VictorsFood believes it is integral to offset emissions from food transportation. Through Climate Friendly, the company has purchased carbon offsets as compensation for their business emissions.

Visit Snowy Mountains

Offsetting guest stays 

Visit Snowy Mountains is a leading online travel service provider, offering travel packages and apartment rental in Australia’s Snowy Mountains region.

Tourists visit the snowy mountains for their natural beauty and to ski. As a business based in a national park and in an industry at risk from climate change, the leaders of Visit Snowy Mountains recognise the importance of taking immediate action to reduce and offset carbon emissions.

Visit Snowy Mountains partnered with Climate Friendly to offer guests the  opportunity to purchase carbon credits to offset the energy used during their stay. It is a simple yet effective way of encouraging guests to think about, and act on, their carbon footprint whilst they are staying in an area that is threatened by climate change.