Reduce your Small Business carbon footprint

climate action = emissions reductions + quality offsets

By measuring and offsetting your business carbon footprint, you will be making real and measurable positive change.  Your actions to reduce your carbon foortprint will directly contribute to the world’s transition to an efficient and clean energy future. 


Take advantage of our carbon footprint calculator

Our full self service site allows you to use our carbon footprint calculator and calculate and offset greenhouse gas emissions generated by your daily business activities like electricity use, flights, car travel, waste and more. 

Our pre-calculated carbon offset packages offer a simple solution without the need to collect and enter data. 

Of course, if you have any questions while using our carbon calculator, please contact us


What am I buying that helps to reduce my carbon footprint? 


When you take action to prevent climate change with Climate Friendly you will receive the following:
  • Highest quality carbon offsets and renewable energy certificates backed by Climate Friendly’s comprehensive quality assurance
  • Expert advice and resources to help you communicate your action to staff and customers. 
  • Your choice of carbon reduction projects with full disclosure documents and marketing information.

The benefits of taking action to reduce your carbon footprint today

  • Take a leadership position on the issue of climate change - creating value for your business.
  • Have a competitive edge over other businesses by demonstrating your commitment to sustainability and carbon management.
  • Enhance your reputation and increase customer loyalty.  
  • Better prepare your business for a regulated carbon future.
  • Communicate and promote your positive climate change action to your staff and customers.

All these are great benefits, but we think that helping to transition the world to a more efficient, clean energy future is the best benefit of all.

Become a Climate Friendly Business by understanding your carbon footprint

You will be provided with a tax invoice and a digital Communications Kit which includes:

  •  Certificate of recognition, 
  • Taking Action with Climate Friendly logo, and 
  • Tips to reduce your business emissions. 
You can also download the project profiles to help communicate the environmental, social and economic impacts your business has had. 

By offsetting all greenhouse gas emissions associated with your business activities your company will be acknowledged as a Climate Friendly Business.  Please contact us for a Climate Friendly Business Logo if you meet the requirements. 

Climate Friendly Business Requirements