Quality Assurance

  • Gold Standard
  • IETA
  • VCS

High Quality Green Solutions

Climate Friendly maintains the highest standards of quality, integrity and transparency across all of its carbon management activities. This enables us to provide our clients with full confidence that their actions have made a real and positive contribution to the fight against climate change and the transition to a more sustainable future. 

We supply only the highest quality carbon offset credits and renewable energy certificates, accredited under the most stringent international standards. We apply rigorous selection criteria and conduct thorough due diligence on all new projects in our portfolio. We manage and retire credits on behalf of our clients on robust independent registry systems, and provide full access to project documentation on our website. We follow international best-practice in all of our carbon management services, and undergo independent audits of our core activities. 

Climate Friendly is a founding member of the International Carbon Reduction and Offset Alliance ( ICROA), which defines best practice globally for carbon offset and management services, and provides guidance and oversight over its members’ activities.  In June 2011 ICROA was incorporated into the International Emissions Trading Association ( IETA).  

Climate Friendly is consistently ranked highly in independent surveys of carbon offset retailers, e.g. 

Carbon Offset Credits

 Climate Friendly currently supplies Verified Emission Reductions (VERs) issued under the following standards, which can be used to offset all types of greenhouse gas emissions (electricity, gas, travel, waste, etc): 

  • Verified Carbon Standard   
  • Gold Standard  

These standards ensure that the projects are real, are ‘additional’ to business-as-usual (would not have happened in the absence of carbon finance) and have not created negative social or environmental impacts. They also ensure that the emissions reductions have been accurately quantified, are permanent and have been associated with unique traceable credits. 

Both of these standards are endorsed by ICROA, and they are also the only voluntary carbon offset standards currently compliant with the Australian Government’s National Carbon Offset Standard (NCOS). 

Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)

Climate Friendly currently supplies the following types of RECs, which can be used to offset electricity consumption: 

Selection Criteria & Due Diligence

In addition to ensuring that projects are accredited under the above standards, Climate Friendly applies additional selection criteria and performs its own due diligence on all new projects. This includes limiting the portfolio to technology types that make the most valuable contribution to the creation of a sustainable energy future, ensuring that the timing of emission reductions is closely matched to those of the emissions to be offset, and performing additional checks on project ‘additionality’ and social and environmental impacts. 

Warehousing & Retirement

All carbon credits and RECs that we purchase are held in accounts on 3rd party-maintained registries, specifically designed and approved for these products. These registry systems operate in much the same way as those used in the global financial markets, and are often operated by the same organisations. All products listed in these registries have unique serial numbers for tracking and management purposes, which ensures traceability and avoids double-counting of credits.

All offsets/RECs sold to our clients are subsequently ‘retired’ (‘surrendered’ for RECs). Retirement is an irreversible action whereby VERs or RECs are transferred to designated retirement accounts on the registries, from which they can never be withdrawn and re-sold.

Documentation and Transparency

Full documentation for all projects in the Climate Friendly portfolio are provided on our website, including factsheets, due diligence assessments, carbon project accreditation documents (Project Design, Validation & Verification reports) and links to the registries where the credits are held.
Details of credits retired by Climate Friendly on behalf of clients are also accessible for public view on the registry websites.

Accounting and Assurance

Climate Friendly maintains a robust internal accounting process to ensure that all sales are accurately recorded and that the associated offset credits and RECs are retired according to Climate Friendly’s carbon credit accounting and reporting policy.
Furthermore, we undergo regular 3rd party audits to provide independent confirmation to our clients that we have adhered to all of our internal policies and external obligations (ICROA, Government), and that our quality assurance claims are fully justified.

Our latest audit reports can be found here:  

2014 GoldPower Assurance Report (PwC)  

2014 GreenPower Audit Statement (Treo Environment) 

2014 Certificate of Quality Assurance for Carbon Management and Offset Services (ICROA) 

Carbon Footprinting and Calculators

Climate Friendly’s carbon footprinting services are conducted in accordance with the ICROA Code of Best Practice, and with internationally recognised guidelines provided by the World Resources Institute’s Greenhouse Gas Protocol and ISO 14064-1. All calculations are based on published emission factors and assumptions from the most reputable sources available.