Global partnership offers seamless expertise for voluntary & compliance buyers

November 07, 2012

Climate Friendly, Australia’s most successful carbon offset provider, recently joined forces with South Pole Carbon, one of the world’s leading carbon project developers, to service the growing voluntary and compliance markets in Australia and around the world. 

The companies currently sell around 10 million carbon offsets each year in both the compliance and voluntary markets.  Their client list includes everyone from private companies looking to get started with carbon management, to leading global brands acting voluntarily, and companies and governments with sizeable compliance obligations.

Together the two companies will offer clients a seamless range of climate solutions including voluntary and compliance carbon offsets, renewable energy certificates, carbon project development, carbon advisory services, marketing and communications strategy and carbon IT solutions.

"This was the first investment by an international company into an Australian carbon business, sparked by the new carbon legislation. There are many opportunities for us to pursue together. Two of the most exciting are the development of new Australian carbon projects, and bringing our global expertise in compliance markets to the service of Australian companies directly impacted by the carbon price legislation.” said Freddy Sharpe CEO of Climate Friendly.

The compliance market is new in Australia, as is the potential for significant project development under the Carbon Farming Initiative. Come and talk to us at the Exhibition at Carbon Expo to find out how the Climate Friendly and South Pole Carbon partnership can help you navigate the maze of compliance and voluntary carbon opportunities in Australia and around the world.

Adapting to market changes such as new legislation can be a complex challenge for business. "We are here to work with you and share the practical experience of our clients in Europe who have been dealing with this type of legislation for many years. There are clear paths and decisions that need to be made – we are here to help.” said Renat Heuberger, CEO of South Pole Carbon.