Corporate Renewable Energy Index 2012 Launch in London powered with GoldPower

September 11, 2012

Climate Friendly is proud to be the supplier of GoldPower™ wind energy for the launch of the 2012 Corporate Renewable Energy Index (CREX) Report in London on September 14th. The event will showcase the efforts of carbon conscious corporations to procure renewable energy through direct investment and by buying quality Renewable Energy Certificates.

The voluntary markets for renewable energy procurement have grown briskly in recent years but there has been little transparency on their size or participants. The Corporate Renewable Energy Index (CREX) - compiled by Bloomberg New Energy Finance on behalf of Vestas Wind Systems, aims to fill this gap by ranking the renewable energy activities of corporations in the UK and worldwide. The report represents the most comprehensive study on corporate renewable energy procurement. 

Climate Friendly’s GoldPower product is a global renewable energy certificate product, measured in MWh.  It enables corporations to support the switch to renewable energy.  GoldPower can be used to match electricity consumption in any country in the world.  

GoldPower is the foundation of an alliance that Vestas and Climate Friendly have established to offer a range of wind energy solutions to carbon conscious corporations. 

The project supported by the London Launch of CREX 2012 is the Alize Çamseki Wind Project. The Alize Çamseki wind farm is in Çanakkale, a province on the North West coast of Turkey, near the Aegean Sea. Its 11 wind turbines generate enough electricity to supply power to 41,000 households.   Because of this, the event will qualify for WindMade status, a global initiative that recognises the procurement of wind energy by business. 

You can find out more about this event and register at