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How to navigate in an 

uncertain energy market 

PANEL FEATURING Dr Tony Wilkins of News Limited, Hugh Bromley of Bloomberg New Energy Finance, Greg Garvin of Transgrid, and Marcus Priest of Sparke Helmore Lawyers; MODERATED BY Freddy Sharpe of Climate Friendly


7:30 am – 9:30 am Thursday, 16th April 2015  



02 9356 3600

Today companies are faced with an uncertain energy market – rising energy prices, policy uncertainty and a rapidly changing energy mix. Many companies are left feeling unsure. But there are also hidden opportunities. How do companies navigate their way through it?

Join us on Thursday 16 April for a complimentary breakfast seminar. Our panel members will reveal the risks and opportunities in today’s energy market – and what you can do about them.




Hugh Bromley Associate at Bloomberg New Energy Finance


  • How the energy market is changing, and how this affects businesses
  • The latest investment trends in large-scale renewables and distributed energy
  • How utilities in Australia and around the world are adapting to the changing dynamics

Greg Garvin General Manager of Stakeholder Engagement at Transgrid


  • How Transgrid is changing to support an efficient transition to a clean, more distributed energy supply
  • The role electricity is likely to play in a zero net carbon world
  • The tools energy companies have to support an orderly, efficient and secure transition

Dr Tony Wilkins Head of Environment at Newscorp Australia


  • The power of engaging others and how to use a “brand” to do this
  • Preparing for uncertainty, including case studies
  • Lessons learned from taking risks and supporting new technologies
  • Ignoring paybacks for financial advantage, a different way of looking at opportunities like solar which lock in certainty

Marcus Priest Lawyer at Sparke Helmore Lawyers (ex. Australian Financial Review)


  • Current domestic climate change policies and laws: ERF and RET etc
  • Australian political environment for energy policy and climate change discussion
  • How the Australian Government's approach to climate change compare to other countries
  • What does the domestic and international discussion around energy regulation and climate change mean for business