Corporate Responsibilty

Sustainability Policy

Climate Friendly is a pioneer in providing innovative carbon management solutions to businesses around the world who are ready to act and focus on sustainable energy and solutions for global warming. We recognise our obligation to the environment and to the industries and communities that we serve and we believe that long-term quality of life in our community depends on the quality of the environment.  At Climate Friendly, we have a commitment to act in a manner that conserves resources, minimises waste, prevents pollution and safeguards the environment for future generations. 

We act on this commitment in the following ways:

  • Ensure that we operate to the highest performance standards and commit to minimise our own ecological footprint through the philosophy of ‘measure, offset, reduce, and review’;
  • Pursue environmental best practice by increasing operational efficiency while minimising the impact of office activities, and encourage staff to understand what carbon emissions are and in turn minimise and offset their personal emissions;
  • Minimise energy use and utilise renewable sources of electricity;
  • Minimise waste-to-landfill;
  • Facilitate a sustainable and flexible working environment;
  • Endeavour to employ sustainable purchasing practices throughout our supply chain;
  • Engage staffs’ commitment to this policy through effective leadership.  Climate Friendly promotes the policy and consults with staff to maximise the policy’s effectiveness, and ensure its continuous improvement.  We encourage and train staff to adopt behaviours and initiatives that contribute to an improved environment at work, at home and in their communities;
  • Meet or exceed the environmental performance expectations of the business’s stakeholders including customers, employees, and shareholders;
  • Apply high ethical standards in all business practices;
  • Establish, document, implement, maintain and continually improve an environmental management strategy and action plan;
  • Set challenging objectives & targets, while measuring progress, to ensure continuous improvement of environmental performance; and
  • Conduct system audits at appropriate intervals in accordance with policy objectives and targets.
Climate Friendly offsets its business emissions each year, for electricity, accommodation, air travel, transport, food, freight, paper and waste. We use the same high quality carbon credit solutions that we offer our clients. 

Community Support

Climate Friendly is committed to supporting organisations and charities that are working toward environmental conservation and sustainable energy solutions around the globe.

  • We donate 5% of all web sales to households to WWF Australia 
  • We provide pro bono offsets and speakers to charity events
  • We provide pro bono carbon solutions to conferences and events promoting sustainable energy solutions and business practices