About Us

Climate Friendly - helping you help the world

Do you need sustainability solutions that make financial sense? Climate Friendly has you covered.

Sustainability has a wider impact than most people realise. Businesses can reduce expenses with energy efficiency projects. Companies can engage their customers and staff by supporting good causes. Landholders can earn extra income, even in times of drought, through carbon farming. And individuals can support future generations through carbon offsetting. Through Climate Friendly, you can do all of this and more.

The four key areas we focus on are:

  • Onsite energy and efficiency
    We can help your business save on energy costs and reduce emissions at the same time. Our solutions include solar panel installations, energy efficient lighting installations, voltage optimisation and more. 
  • Carbon management (carbon offsets/credits and related services)
    Whether you are buying for a large corporation, or just yourself, we can meet your needs. Our carbon management solutions include offsets from a wide range of different projects. These include forest regeneration projects, cook stove projects, wind farm projects and more. Each project does more than just help the environment - they help people and communities around the globe. 
  • Renewable energy certificates
    Green energy is available to both individuals and businesses. Whether you need GoldPower, our premier international REC’s, or GreenPower, made in Australia, we can help you. 
  • Australian carbon farming 
    If you own large tracts of land with native regrowth, you may eligible for a carbon farming project on your property. These kinds of projects can supply you with an additional income stream, even in times of drought.

We’ve been in this game for over ten years. In this time we have worked with big brand names like Hilton, The Body Shop and Tetra Pak. Contact us today and find out how we can help you.